Alvaro Leon, was born in 1993 in Madrid, Spain. After completing his degree in Graphic design and post production Alvaro set out to establish his own approach to design. Initially, commencement of his work began in Madrid Spain, before relocating to Queensland Australia. By utilising his multidisciplinary skill set and techniques in print, packaging and visual identities he is able connect and work with a large range of clients with different enquires. Although his work is vast and appeasing Alvaro believes it is important to incorporate his underlying core signature of a minimalism in most of his work.

Understanding that inspiration can come from an ageless plethora of influences, Alvaro does not limit his creative imagination to just one medium. When designing he considers music, books and other art forms to have the same impactful power as design and therefore tends to integrate the same expressiveness in his work.

As a freelancer, he is flexible and independent in his design. Alvaro loves working with many different customers and willingly accepts new challenges. Through variety in his skill set he is able to fall back on his extensive knowledge of design, illustration, photography and web development in order for complete satisfaction to be met. If you have any questions or if you are interested in any kind of collaboration, don’t hesitate to contact Alvaro Leon.     +61 403 531 287